Why choose RAPID™?

So, challenging the prevailing limitations, we developed RAPID™ – a database and process data platform designed by engineers, for engineers - which manages your time series data, analytics and visualization fast, simply and out of the box.


We love to innovate, so we now have applications built on RAPID™ to collect and aggregate your data for IOT, to move your data management to the Cloud and for predictive maintenance of your assets.


Cost Effective

We are a friendly, independent company offering RAPID™. Our pricing philosophy is that price should not be an obstacle to our software. You can expect to spend substantially less with us, than with any other leading supplier



RAPID™ is fully comprehensive with inbuilt alarm processing, security, connectivity, calculation engine, high availability and asset management – so you don’t have to purchase any 3rd party add-ons



We designed RAPID™ to be easy to configure and low cost to maintain – you can connect, collect and visualize in minutes and none of your scarce IT resources are tied up with systems maintenance



It’s truly scalable which means it can be extended very easily as your requirements grow - from Desktop Historian though to a full Enterprise Solution, or anywhere in between



Our flexible pricing models allow you to choose whether you use your Capex or Opex budget. So if you are operating under tight purchasing constraints, we can help



We continue to invest and innovate so RAPID™ doesn't standstill and meets your and industry’s growing needs. Examples are advanced analytics and Smart City management in the context of Covid-19