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Seminar: Thinking Differently about International Volunteering with Matt Baillie Smith – NOW FULL

Start Date: 15/03/2018 End Date: 15/03/2018

Event Location: IDEA Office, 6 Gardiner Row, Dublin 1.


IDEA in conjunction with EIL Intercultural Learning & Global Citzen Award are running a seminar on Thinking Differently about International Volunteering with Matt Baillie Smith, Thursday 15 March, 9.30am – 12.30pm (including lunch). Matt Baillie Smith is Professor of International Development at Northumbria University. His work has focused on volunteering, civil society, citizenship and NGOs. 

This seminar will explore the role of volunteering in how we think about international development and global citizenship. Drawing on Matt’s research on volunteering with diverse development NGOs and humanitarian actors, as well as his research on Development Education, Matt will suggest we need to rethink volunteering and development. He will argue that we need to avoid repeating well-worn arguments about the gap year and international volunteers from the global North, but instead need to think about how different kinds of volunteers and ideas of citizenship come together to try and promote development in the South. He will also examine what the consequences are for both volunteers and marginalised communities. As part of this, Matt will provide an opportunity for participants to explore and analyse data from a project with the Swedish Red Cross on Volunteers in Conflicts and Emergencies, and to use this to think about what questions this poses for current thinking about volunteering, development and citizenship.

Registration on the day runs from 9.30 – 9.45am, with lunch from 12.00 -12.30pm.

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